A few thoughts about interior design

What is good taste? One could say, that it is the ability to combine objects in such a way that they talk to each other. Taste in interior design is a talent similar to musicality of voice or a feel for the ball in sport.


 One could, of course, play football without a feel for the ball or the violin without a talent for music, but without these gifts everything will seam mechanical and and stiff.  


 To create a successful design for, and together with, the client is much more difficult than people generally think. It is just as challenging as creating a really beautiful garden.

When people say that they don’t need an interior designer or a garden architect, I usually don’t try to persuade them otherwise. There is no point in doing so. If people say that they can’t afford an interior designer or garden architect, or that they have the burning desire to do everything themselves, I totally understand. 


Good interior design is like a room full of music whether it be classical or contemporary, Handel  or twelve-tone music, it doesn’t really matter. But the harmony has to be right. Good interior design has a lot in common with a tailor’s workshop, or if you like, with the creations of the haute couture houses.  The cut of a garment has to correspond with the age, figure and social environment of the client. The clients life experience, sensual needs and intellect have to be taken into account. That requires great professional discretion.  If an interior designer is not able to adjust to these requirements he should not take on the assignment. The principle “less is more” applies here too.


About us

It is always dangerous for an interior designer to accept too many jobs at the same time. When one first embarks on an independent career one is delighted about every commission and inclined to take it. But the targets described above are sometimes lost sight of in big offices.

 For that reason we made a conscious decision to stay small. Our team consists of only three people.  We sit around a table, develop the concepts together and discuss every detail of the project until we are convinced that we have found the right solution for our client‘s needs.

Henning Hüser, Master of Arts in interior design and interior architecture, joined my company in 1998 while he was still studying at the well-known University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt. He oversees all technical aspects of our projects and liaises between the architect and the craftsmen. As a trained carpenter and joiner he has a strong appreciation of the knowledge and experience our craftsmen bring to their individual fields. This close working relationship on site saves the client time and money.

Henning Hüser is also responsible for the estimates, architectural drawings, calculations and project handling.


Consuelo von Leonhardi ...to be completed


Viktoria Herr, M.A. architect, ...to be completed